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Finding Freedom through Your Yoga Practice

We all can benefit from a yoga practice, so what's different about Clothing Optional Yoga?

In my classes, we take off our clothes before we practice, and by doing so, we shed our outer armor. We all wear armor of one sort or another. It may be your clothes, your hairstyle, your makeup, your jewelry, or simply your attitude. Taking off the layers of clothes we wear helps us move closer to our real, essential selves. It is easy to hide behind the clothes we wear every day as this projects the image of how we want others to see us. Wearing jeans and an old t-shirt projects a much different image than wearing a business suit and polished shoes!

I want you to be able to take off your clothes and allow yourself to love the person hiding under them. We all have flaws of one sort or another, but those flaws are part of what makes each of us unique! I have surgical scars, and my breasts have stretch marks from nursing two babies. This is the REAL me. And I have learned to love her.

I hope you will join us and let your true self come out of the armor you have surrounded yourself with!

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