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Intentional Orgasm

Feeling stuck? You know there should be more, but you are not sure how to get there. Want to make a deeper connection with someone you care about? Feeling sluggish and weighed down?

Work with mtn grrl through the proven technique of intentional orgasm to release old energy, thoughts, and patterns that can be holding you back from reaching your full potential - individually or as part of a couple.

Once your old energy is cleared, we will work together to bring in the energy you are missing and close the session with an orgasm to send that energy out into the universe.

This powerful energy work is best done in person, but we can and will schedule online sessions if you are not in the Denver Metro area.

In-person session prices:

Individuals - approximately 3 hours - $330

Couples - approximately 5 hours - $720

Contact for availability. She is certified in this process.

Here's what some of our clients are saying about this process:

Intentional Orgasm with mtn grrl was a great experience. The setting was very calm, warm, and welcoming; even better, you chose your incense aroma. The topics on what you need to let go were wonderful and very stress-relieving. The oil massage really topped it off. Very relaxing smooth, and calm to the body, and the Orgasm was the icing on the cake. The release was very intense definitely enjoyed it and would definitely do it again. Thanks - Brandon 07-2023

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the session and how great the Intentional Orgasm was with my wife! I felt so light and free all evening. It almost felt like a wall was removed/weights were lifted off my shoulders. The circular rotation of energy within my core was fricking amazing. - Roland 08-2023

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