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New Year, New You!

Is one of your goals for 2023 to get in better shape, spend more time on self-care, start or re-start a yoga practice? Great!

Yoga is a wonderful way to work on creating a stronger, more flexible body. It is also a wonderful way to go deeper inside your heart and mind. Creating a more balanced body-mind-spirit.

Nearly ALL of my classes are accessible to beginners. The Yoga for Strength class on 4th Thursdays is the only exception to this.

Spending some time working on deeper breath with help you clear your mind and nourish your body with more oxygen.

Yoga is a wonderful way to explore your body's range of motion and work on expanding this.

It is gentle on your joints and poses can be modified to fit your body. I firmly believe that ANYONE can practice yoga and I will help you to modify the poses to fit your body, not try to make your body fit the poses.

All of my classes begin with a centering and grounding supported pose. I offer Mudras (yoga for hands) to help set the tone for the practice. The class builds in intensity to the "Challenge Pose." We then start taking the energy down and end with a full relaxation.

If you are curious, please feel free to email me via the contact page.

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