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Partner Yoga Workshop at Studio Friction

We are proud to present a Partner Yoga Workshop on Saturday, March 5th. The Workshop begins at 10:30 and lasts until 12:00. We invite you to join us for lunch at Thai Curry after the workshop.

Partner Yoga facilitates deep connections between two people – physically, emotionally, and energetically. We will work on finding energy centers in the body and how to tune into your partner’s energy. We will find ways to use breath to deepen your connection. We will take you through a series of poses that open your heart and sexual energy centers. We will have fun!

No prior yoga experience is necessary. We will modify the poses to fit the two of you!

You MUST bring a partner with you to this class. This does not have to be a spouse or life partner; it should be someone you feel close to and are willing to open yourself up to during the workshop.

Please wear comfortable workout-type clothes. You are welcome to wear as much or as little clothing as you feel comfortable, including being naked. Please bring a couple of beach towels or small blankets. If you have your own yoga mat(s), please bring them with you. We do have mats available to use for the workshop if you do not have your own. All other supplies will be provided, except your open mind!

We have a maximum enrollment for this workshop. Pre-payment is required to hold a space for you. The cost is only $50 per couple.

mtn grrl is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga since 1997. Her partner, Fox, has a regular yoga practice. They use the techniques of Partner Yoga to deepen their connection in their relationship of over 40 years.

Go to Bookings to reserve your spot!

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