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Why we need yoga even more in the winter

Shorter days, longer nights, crazy temperature swings, and holidays. Yep, that's winter in Colorado! To help your body and your mind cope with all of these a daily (or weekly!) yoga practice can help. Our bodies are craving rest and relaxation, but we are too busy to stop right now. So, take a yoga break and recharge your batteries! Yoga gets your blood moving, gets more oxygen flowing, and helps your energy levels.

I understand getting motivated to leave your comfy couch and grab your yoga mat can be daunting, but you KNOW you will feel better if you do.

Plan to join me for a yoga class on Tuesday and/or Thursday evening, and your body and your mind will thank you! My classes this time of year are designed to help you find stored energy and calm during this crazy holiday season. Wish you could share this gift with a friend? Purchase them a 4-class pass and invite them to join you.

Don't live in the Denver metro area or can't make it to an evening class? I offer one-on-one virtual and in-person sessions too.

What are you waiting for? Grab your mat and join me!
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